Boost Tournament Participation

ron-rawlsRon Rawls, a Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year and a four-time Section Bill Strausbaugh Award winner, is honorary president of the Rocky Mountain PGA Section and the PGA head professional at Crane Creek Country Club in Boise, Idaho.

Four years ago I needed to create a unique format to help increase participation in club tournaments. I took a closer look at the PGA Tour’s FedExCup and thought to implement a similar format. In doing so, we established the Crane Creek Cup, which is a season-long points race leading to the final top 24 competing at the Tournament of Champions. Golfers can accumulate points in every tournament, except our member-guest. The members have absolutely gravitated to the new format, as nearly every men’s event has sold out. In addition, sitting in the 19th hole is a very large, visible, perpetual trophy that each winner has his name engraved on; talk about bragging rights, camaraderie and passion to be next year’s champion. The race has become so popular that we’ve had to add three additional tournaments to our annual schedule!

Since we overhauled our club tournament format, participation is through the roof! As I mentioned previously, we have added three new tournaments to keep up with the demand, most clubs are eliminating a tournament or two. Easily I can say were up 30 percent on registration, which has pushed all of our events to be nearly sold out. My lesson book has expanded as well as all facets of sales in the golf shop and in the dinning rooms. By going in this direction members have to play in a number of events, not just one or two, and they have to play well: it has become highly sought after to be the next Crane Creek Cup Champion!

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