Capturing Merchandise Sales During Outings

mason-spaldingMason Spalding is the PGA head golf professional at TPC Las Vegas.


We understand the importance of group outings and the impact they have on revenue. Our team has implemented some procedures that better engage outing coordinators to capture potential merchandise sales. In the past, we simply asked if the outing would like to include a merchandise credit for each group member. This basic process yielded some success, but not as much as when the economy was stronger and sales came more easily. These days, we find that our guests need more. They want color, vendor and logo choices, with style and product variety, and they want to see everything presented to them in a consistent, professional manner. To adapt, our staff has created digital files, including merchandise packages with pricing and photos, as well as a personalized website where guests can select items. For apparel options, our merchandiser will order samples and meet with the outing coordinator so he can see and feel the product. This process is labor-intensive, but whatever it takes for us to gain the sale is worth the extra effort.

Enhanced interaction with outing coordinators adds to our merchandise sales, resulting in merchandise orders often 2-3 times the sales budget for a given day. It also raises the likelihood that tournaments will return the following year, bringing additional green fee and food & beverage revenue. This year, approximately six percent of our total annual golf shop merchandise sales was derived from group-outing orders. Over the past two years, this percentage has increased steadily, from just three percent in 2013. We attribute this increase to the ways in which we interact with outing coordinators.

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