Custom Tournament Offerings

jay-kennedyJay Kennedy is PGA general manager and head golf professional at Eagles Landing Golf Course in Belton, Missouri.

In the past, we priced our tournaments at a flat fee, posted on our website. We found, though, that our food & beverage offerings were too pricey, and we were pricing ourselves out of smaller events. Tournament organizers would see our pricing structure on our website and wouldn’t contact us, and I had no opportunity to sit down with organizers or groups to figure out their needs. Tournament play was on the downside for awhile anyway because corporate and charity-based tournaments were downsized or eliminated. In 2014 we started contacting our previous tournaments, calling new people, working proposals to match groups’ needs to ours, all without set published pricing. Now we customize tournaments and pricing, with options such as game packages, hole contests, multiple flags on a hole and select merchandise. We provide more of an à la carte experience, resulting in greater revenue for tournaments and more events for us. To me, it’s like clubfitting, giving us a better opportunity to sell if we work individually. Corporate tournament directors may not be golfers and may need guidance to secure locations and make detailed arrangements.

Since changing our tournament offerings and pricing structure, our renewal rate is almost 100 percent and our tournament business has increased by 10 percent. The one-on-one attention we give organizers has generated greater customer satisfaction and a more robust tournament business for our facility.

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