Customizable Shopping Experiences

jamie-hamiltonJamie Hamilton is the PGA head professional at The Greenbrier’s Old White TPC Course in White Sulphur Spring, West Virginia.

In recent years we have gone in the direction of facilitating a mobile golf shop-type shopping experience at two of our larger club events. Our golfers love the experience as they get to choose from a wide variety of items and pick out exactly what they want to remember the event by. We love the idea because we are able to return all remaining product and only pay for what was actually selected; the days of guessing field size and ordering product are over! We typically partner with one vendor per event and feature a wide variety of their products while enjoying the benefit of substantial tournament discounts. At The Greenbrier, we have an in-house embroidery shop which allows us to customize many items with the resort or tournament logo for those who want that extra touch.

Customization was paramount when developing our mobile golf shop and we have seen an unrivaled process which has become a staple with our facility. We partner with highly sought-after brands that we know our guests will enjoy and offer them the opportunity to purchase additional product beyond what they can obtain with their shopping credit. We find that on average participants will spend an extra 10-20 percent over their complimentary credit amount resulting in a great high margin revenue source for us. It also helps introduce our guests and members to brands and products also sold in our golf shop, resulting in additional sales throughout the remainder of the season.

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