Enhanced Internet Coverage

David Moore is the PGA director of golf operations at Heathrow Country Club in Lake Mary, Fla.

Earlier this year, during our Club Championship, we implemented a live scoring application on our club Web site that allowed visitors to check out up-to-the-minute-scoring for competitors. We ended up with more than 8,000 hits on the live scoring link during the tournament! It was something new, something different and our members thought it was just the coolest thing – not to mention to the golfers who were able to tell their friends and loved ones to make sure they tracked their progress online. It helped to create some extra buzz around the event, and it was a great way for us to enhance our event. I’m usually pretty old school, to be honest with you, but the impact of this high-tech stuff just amazes me.

We used a company called eGolfScore to produce the application for us. By selling hole sponsorships and advertisements for the event sponsors on the live scoring link, we were able to absorb the startup cost. Next year, we hope the live scoring will be profitable for us because we can report to advertisers that we had 8,000 viewers on the site.