Get Creative with Night Golf

Barret-TannerBarret Tanner, a PGA apprentice, is the general manager at Knoxville (Tenn.) Municipal Golf Course.
Three years ago, we implemented night golf at our Billy Casper Golf-managed facility, and it has really made a tremendous impact on our operation. At Knoxville Municipal, we run a 9-hole two-man scramble. We have gone away from the traditional clear ball and glow stick; to spice it up we have been using LED golf balls and flagsticks. We also use glow sticks for fairways and hazard markers as well. We really try to illuminate the golf course and make it as visually exciting as possible. This is one of the unique and creative ways that we can create excitement within the community. Night golf usually starts around 9 p.m. and will last well into the night with raffles and prizes given away for the top teams. Promotion for our night golf events starts about three weeks out when we utilize fliers, golf car signs and information on our website to get people excited about coming out. I’ve done night golf at almost every facility I’ve worked at; it always brings new golfers to the facility and creates a lot of excitement for all ages.

Theses events are averaging 70 players and have exceeded 100 players, with our largest showing being 126 golfers. We charge $25 per player and also have a beverage cart out on the course with occasional beer specials. The financial impact has been very positive for our facility. This year has been pretty tough from a weather perspective, and night golf has given us the slight edge to keep us on track to meet our numbers. To watch a video about our night golf program, click here.

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