Give Leagues and Groups a Special Identity

david-dornDavid Dorn, the 2013 Middle Atlantic PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities, is the PGA director of golf at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland.

One way to leverage active groups, leagues and organizations at your facility is to turn that activity into business for your shop. Here at Woodmont, The Keepers, one of our men’s groups, and I collaborated on two logos, and then created merchandise featuring those logos that were ordered through the shop. That’s a key to this too – give your organizations a unique name that goes beyond something like “Men’s 9 Hole League.” We then bought everything from hats to balls to gloves to shirts to outwear for them to purchase. And the great thing is that once we got the logos on file with the companies once, they stay there so we are able to do special orders. Additionally, every year I take between 3-12 members with me to the PGA Merchandise Show and always make sure to include one Keeper in that group, with the task of figuring out what new and interesting products he’d like to see adorned with the logos for the next season. It’s a great way to bring added revenue and business to your shop while giving the league its own identity that helps garner support around the club for an event, tournament, or charity function.

That’s what makes it a win-win. I’ve been doing this with The Keepers, a group featuring 92 members, for nine years now and it’s helped move more than 400 pieces of merchandise annually, bringing thousands of dollars of extra revenue into the shop. Just in the last four years, the amount of competitive rounds played by Keepers in group or Woodmont events have gone from 481 to 637, with an increase of around 10 Keepers per event in that time. That leads to extra golf car revenue and additional shop purchases. Additionally, The Keepers, through donations, underwriting/sponsorship of outings and other community service events, have increased their charitable giving, from $5,000 to $11,500 over the last four years, which helps our surrounding community. It’s important to note that this is all a collaborative effort between the group and the club, working together for both the betterment of all parties. By giving them a unique name and special events, it has opened up a great sum of new business for my bottom line in addition to adding value and enjoyment for all of the membership. And they like having the merchandise featuring that logo, too.