Host a Men’s Weeknight League

ben-hoffhineBen Hoffhine is the PGA Head Professional at the Wykagyl Country Club, In New Rochelle, New York. He is the recipient of the 2015 Metropolitan PGA Section Player Development Award.

Early one season, I noticed an inconsistency in weeknight play amongst our members. Thursday afternoons and evenings rendered fewer rounds than the other days of the week. To remedy this situation, I implemented a Men’s weeknight golf league eight years ago. Today, the league consists of 20 four-man teams, but only two players play each week, lessening the commitment needed from players and the burden of finding substitutes. The nine-hole better ball league matches have become only part of our weekly Thursday night play, with players getting practice in prior to their matches on some nights, and playing until dark on others. The league has transformed Thursday into a bustling day of golf at Wykagyl. The league runs from late May to early August, allowing for late summer vacations, and teams are divided into two divisions with each division winner playing for the league championship.

The Men’s weeknight golf league has had a positive impact on several aspects of our facility. Each participant pays $75 to play in the league, which adds $6,000 to our pro shop revenue, as league prizes are awarded from those funds. In addition, our pro shop sees additional revenues based on purchases made before and after league rounds. On average we generate upwards of $30 in pro shop sales per round. With around 350 league rounds being played over the summer, the pro shop reaps great benefits from this league. Also, cart revenues are increased by almost $800 and caddies see additional rounds as members coming calling each week. At $50 per bag, money is there to be made for only a couple hours of work. Food and beverage revenues see a weekly uptick also, as almost half of the league players remain afterwards to eat or drink. Finally, almost 20% of the league players come for instruction prior to their matches. The Men’s weeknight league provides competition and camaraderie to our members, while proving financially beneficial to our club.