Monday Corporate Days

Allan Belden, the 2008 New England PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities and the 2007 Massachusetts Chapter Golf Professional of the Year, is the PGA head professional at Worcester (Mass.) Country Club.

Mondays at many facilities have become a revenue-generating day through outings. However, in this economy many outings are not re-booking for this upcoming season. One way to replace that lost revenue is through a corporate day. On these days, a member can entertain and do business with up to 23 guests. We offer a special all-day package that includes lunch, dinner, golf cars, green fees and a tee gift. For the member, this is a more effective use of time than a single day member-guest where they can only bring three guests. And it is much more affordable than having to host an event for 100 or more players. In this economy, where everyone is cutting back, the corporate day allows for members to entertain clients without breaking the bank on budgets. In the past we have gotten anywhere from 80 to 132 players for these events. These events make for a profitable day for the club that would otherwise be a Monday with little or no play.

We offer these packages at a discounted rate versus a member having pay for the package a la carte. It is a good value for the member and generates revenue for the club. Even though the rates are discounted, bringing 100 or more players to your facility can generate $15,000 to $20,000 when you factor in food and beverage sales. The traffic also makes for a good day in the golf shop. Plus, these days expose our facility to many non-members (i.e. prospective members) who obviously have an interest in golf.