PGA Merchandise Show in Preparation for Tournament Season


Bob Wampler is the PGA head professional at Cattail Creek Country Club in Glenwood, Maryland, winner of a 2014 AGM Platinum Award for “Top 100 Golf Shops.”

The PGA Merchandise Show can be a great place to help take care of your tournament and outing needs for the next season. First, identify all member tournaments that will require awards such as trophies, plaques and framed items throughout the season. Come prepared with a list of these events complete with the date, prize budget and what was used the prior year. Take advantage of PGA Show specials including free freight and quantity discounts and be on the lookout for something new that your members will be excited about. Don’t forget about tee gifts as well. Create a list of these events and work to identify possible tee gifts (in different price points) to bring back to your club and present to your outing and tournament chairs. It is great to have a variety of options available within the same price point for you and the chairs to choose from. Next, evaluate your tournament operations. Are there any supplies that would make your tournaments and events more efficient and professional?

Besides the practical benefits of being able to take advantage of special pricing and shipping deals, there are other benefits as well. For example, last year we made a commitment to set aside money in the budget to improve the professionalism of our tournaments and events. We purchased table covers and cart banners from PTE Golf at the PGA Merchandise Show, along with a convenient and attractive tournament case for the first tee or driving range. They looked great and really enhanced the aesthetic value of our tournaments. Also, work with your apparel vendors to see if they are able to outfit you and your staff with uniform shirts that you can wear during major club events. This creates a nice “wow factor” and helps members and guests identify the staff better, which leads to a better overall experience for all the participants. And finally, be sure to check the quantity and quality of your scoreboard materials, such as calligraphy pens, portable scoreboards, tournament software, etc. There may be some PGA Show specials you can take advantage of. If used correctly, the PGA Show can help you get all your outings shopping done early and save yourself the hassle of having to take care of all these odds and ends right when the tournament is upon you and everyone’s stress levels are at their highest.

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