Rent Out TVs for Outings

Krause_Brent-PostBrent Krause, the 2002 PGA Horton Smith Award winner and the 2007 PGA Golf Professional of the Year, is a PGA Master Professional, general manager and director of golf at Wynlakes Golf and Country Club in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’ve been doing outings here for years, big ones at that, and used to offer outing planners a third party they could work with to rent digital scoreboards and other infrastructure from for scoring, video and sponsor displays. This was expensive, though, and we realized, led by my PGA head professional and Dixie PGA Section President Steve Cutler, that we could potentially bring this in-house and save the outings some money in the process. That’s a win for both parties. So in 2014 we bought two 65” TVs, and we lease them to Monday outings for $500 each ($1,000 for both TVs). Nearly all will include them in their package to have pictures, GoPro video, sponsor recognition, and scoring displayed either during the round or in the reception following golf, augmenting the overall experience. The functionality is simple, allowing us to use computers and tablets with a simple HDMI connection for the highest quality video and sound.

Since instituting this plan we’ve had seven outings take us up on this offer and it’s been a big success, bringing in $4,000 so far. The additional outing revenue has allowed me to recoup my investment and also incentivize my staff. It’s a big value thing to the sponsors, as they get to see their logo splashed all over the reception, while the players love to see the scoring and the best shots captured by the GoPro camera. We’ve also used it for our member-guest, and believe that in that use case it helped enhance the overall experience for our members, which leads to retention. I’m a big believer in the Warren Buffett quote of “Price is what you pay, value is what you get,” and we believe that this investment has led to big value for our outing customers.

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