Scoreboard Sponsorships

Jason_HaseJason Hase, a three-time PGA Professional of the Year for the West Texas Chapter of the Northern Texas PGA Section, is the PGA general manager and director of golf at the San Angelo (Texas) Country Club.

Earlier this year we were trying to come up with a way to raise some extra money for our greens committee when a former board member told us about a scoreboard sponsorship program he had heard about. We loved the idea and thought it might be a good way to raise the necessary funds. We sold 22 signs around the scoreboard for $500 apiece. That raised $11,000, $9,000 of which went to the greens committee, and $2,000 was saved for a shootout next year specifically for the sponsors┬áto give them the ability to “win their money back.” Of the $2,000 put aside, $1,000 goes to the winner, and $500 apiece goes to the second and third place finishers. The signs stay up on the scoreboard for a full year. The greens committee folks are ecstatic, as they now have money for miscellaneous needs that may arise during the year like having to buy a new engine if the one on the mower malfunctions, for example. For our members, it enhances the golf course (through the projects that can now be funded), keeps dues and assessments low, and raises money for projects which impacts their overall membership experience yet doesn’t require them to dole out any extra money.

There were multiple business impacts. First and foremost, it raised our profile within the community as now those local businesses were able to “advertise” with us and vice versa. We host over 45 tournaments and outings during the year so there are basically endless chances for these companies to have their sign noticed. One sponsor, in particular has credited us with seeing increased business at his shop. The program was so simple and popular that we had to turn businesses away, which has led us to start thinking about other sponsorship opportunities for next season. Our members are fully in support because they see the benefits to not only the course but also to their overall experience. In addition, the shootout proved to be a crucial selling point for the local businesses. And while an increase in sales, rounds played and new members may not be directly attributable to this specific program, it’s been another positive event for the club as a whole and its membership. And that’s better than any tangible benefit we may see.

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