Season Tee Gifts


Chris Rowe, a two-time Southern Texas PGA Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year Award winner and the 2013 Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities, is the PGA head professional at Whispering Pines Golf Club in Trinity, Texas.

Each and every year I attend the PGA Merchandise Show, I send my assistant professionals to Orlando a couple days before I arrive.  I have them attend PGA Show Outdoor Demo Day and also scope out any products that might be fitting for our club.  I try and buy all my goods at the PGA Show, as this allows me diversity rather seeing all of my reps at the club over the course of a month.  The first day I arrive, I’m always on the hunt for new and different tee gifts for our busy tournament schedule.  Each year at Whispering Pines we host the Robertson Cup Invitational, which attracts 15 Top-100 clubs in the nation to attend our annual tournament.  Over the years, Winston Leather Products have been a tee gift staple with the tournament, and I’m always looking for additional fresh ideas.

In addition to searching for tee gifts for the Robertson Cup Invitational, I’m always seeking new teaching products and anything that would be a good fit at Whispering Pines. At the PGA Show, I get a better idea of the look I’m trying to create for gifts, the club and our shop.  I look at everything multiple times, as this shields me from purchasing to much from one vendor and allocating less dollars for another.  Typically I have between a $300-$400 budget per player to spend on tee gifts for the Robertson Invitational.  This budget gives me the opportunity to purchase a tee gift which players will keep and cherish. Additionally, through purchasing at the PGA Show I often receive a discounted rate on the products and shipping, which is a major plus. At night I encourage my assistant professionals to go out and meet up with their friends and create new relationships with other PGA Professionals, as the PGA Merchandise Show serves as an invaluable relationship resource.

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