Tournament Credits

danny-medinaDanny Medina is the PGA director of golf at Omni Tucson National Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

With tournament sales stronger this year, Tucson National helps support many outside charity events. With the volume of golfers that participate in these events the questions came up, “How can we turn this into more profit and provide a better experience?” Well, here is what we came up with: each participant registered in the golf tournament receives a $10 credit that can be used on soft goods or headwear in the golf shop. With more than 1,000 rounds in a given month associated with tournaments, that’s at least 1,000 extra people walking through your golf shop. We’ve found that once we get them into golf shop, they’re likely to spend money and take home a memorabilia piece. Allowing them to use the credit on soft goods or headwear does not cut into your profits too much, and it’s a “win-win” for both the golfers and the golf shop.

We find that once we get the tournament participants in the golf shop, they’re spending anywhere from $70 to $150, which is adding an average of $7,000 a month to golf shop sales, or $84,000 over the course of the year. This helps to add value to each event and is a way to capture some additional revenue with the golfers who are already at your facility.

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