Unique Gifts for Women’s Events

tom-cecilTom Cecil, a Southern Ohio PGA Section Southwest Chapter board member at large, is the PGA head professional at the Camargo Club in Cincinnati, Ohio.

While tee gifts are a small part of an entire golf event, tournament or outing, I try to never neglect it or fall into a pattern of using giving away the same types of gifts, especially for my women’s events. While women in general like to receive a nice golf shirt, pair of shoes or pullover, as men do, they are also very keen on items that will help them remember how much fun they had. That’s why I turned to YRI’s custom leather picture frames a few years ago to give away during one of our women’s member-guests. The leather frames came in fun and bright colors, like pink and green, and had our club logo embossed into a small metal fixture. The best part: everything was a surprise. My professional staff drove around the course to take pictures of each foursome and we had the pictures developed within an hour, then placed into the frames where they were waiting for them on their dinner tables when they finished the round.

My women members and their guests absolutely loved the frames as tee gifts. Because we had multiple color types, we saw many of the women trading frames before the night was over to better fit their personalities. They could take the frames to their homes or to their offices and remember the day for as long as they wish. The cool thing about using picture frames is that they will last a lot longer than a shirt or a pullover might and they can always place different pictures in them. I received many compliments from the players about how much they liked the gift idea and that they were thankful that I thought outside the box. The frames not only help the members and their guests remember the day, but how much Camargo and its staff really cares for them.

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