Use Technology to Increase Participation

Samuel-WrightSamuel Wright is a PGA assistant professional at Wildflower Country Club in Temple, Texas.

One of the most important jobs we have as golf professionals is communicating all the information we have to our members and customers. I’m sure everyone is used to the endless phone calls asking what the upcoming events are at your club, who is playing in the events, or even from someone who is looking for a playing partner for the next outing. Although it is our job to have this information when we are asked directly, we now have an interactive website that has all of this information and much more. Now that we have this tool, we are able to email or text a link to view the pairings the night before a tournament. Right after a tournament concludes, we are then able to send out the results to all of the participants via email or text message. For example, if a member is interested in playing in a four-person team event but has no playing partners, he or she is able to look at the event and can see teams that only have three players. Then he or she can click on the players and see what their handicaps are, then look up an email address on the online directory to ask if the group is still in need of a fourth. The website covers everything from event signups, picking partners, weather forecasts, golf news, photos of events and much more.

We launched the website this summer and we have already witnessed noticeable changes. Participation for our member events has increased 25 percent since the website launched, our weekly events have also seen a boost in activity, and members have just become more knowledgeable of upcoming events. Having all of the information at their fingertips really allows golfers to feel more involved at the club.

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