Utilize Easier to Play Tournament Formats

Bill-SampsonBill Sampson, a past Carolinas PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year, Bill Strausbaugh Award and President’s Plaque winner, is the PGA director of golf at Old Tabby Links in Okatie, S.C.
A lot of golfers view tournaments as high-anxiety events where the greens are lightning fast and the course is set up at its most difficult. At Old Tabby Links, we love putting together fun outings that make the game easier as opposed to more difficult. One example of these tournaments is the Lamotte Cup Shootout where our members can play from any tee they would like with 100-percent handicap in a 9-hole shootout. The event is open to men and women of all abilities and really emphasizes how our club is completely inclusive to everyone. One of our other outings that makes the game easier while giving our women’s tournament program a boost is our “Wine and Wedge” 9-hole scramble. The longest hole in the outing is 70 yards with the shortest being 40 yards, and there is a wine and cheese party following the 9 holes. The true purpose of this event is to give brand new women golfers and experienced women golfers the chance to get together and socialize in a setting where they aren’t asked to play longer holes in a high-pressure tournament. Creative events like these are going to get more new golfers in a tournament setting and will help our membership feel more comfortable around each other.

The Lamotte Cup Shootout costs $25 per player, including lunch and prizes, so this is a popular deal for our membership. The Wine and Wedge event costs just $15 per player, and has a Get Golf Ready-type of feel with the low price for newcomers to our game. The true impact is that we are introducing more golfers, especially women golfers, to our more experienced golfers, and this is vital in creating more rounds and increasing merchandise revenue.

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