Wine 9 Events

clint-avretClint Avret is the PGA Head Professional at the Timuquana Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida.

We wanted to attract folks that were not typical golfers and get them on the course to show them how beautiful it is out there. So we created an event called “Wine 9”, where we set up the golf course as nine par-3’s and have seven wine tasting stations, with two water and hors d’oeuvres stations. The event provides a less stressful environment so a shy, new golfer can feel more comfortable and welcome. The event is $30 per player, which includes the wine, hors d’oeuvres, and golf car fee. We generally get 60-72 players and play in eightsomes: two groups of four playing in a scramble side by side, furthering the social, relaxed atmosphere. There also must be at least one member of the opposite sex in the group, which we’ve found helps both male and female newcomers feel more welcome.

Clint Avret on the business impact of running a “Wine 9” event:
There are multiple business impacts. First, we hold the “Wine 9” after aeration when not many folks are on the course, thus bringing extra business when we would be quieter than usual. Most (usually around 60) will come into the clubhouse for dinner, which helps increase our dining room business for the night. Secondly, it helps our teaching business. These events have become so popular (we hold three per year) around the club that around five new golfers will sign up for and take a beginner lesson beforehand so they feel like they can be competent during the event. After the event, we usually get one or two who will come to the course with some regularity that did not come at all previously. All told, it adds up to $1,800-$2,200 in revenue that we might not typically see during June and August. Also, the newer golfers will sometimes purchase gloves, balls, and even golf clubs. All told it’s a fun night for the members and a good night for business, which is a nice combination.

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